camping checklist for rv
camping checklist for rv


The items to take on an RV adventure is different for everyone. While you prepare for an RV expedition, you can be overwhelmed with packing the necessary gears for the trip.

To save you from the stress, I have compiled a list of the essential items to make your RV adventure worth remembering and revisiting.

Camping Mechanisms

Even if you do not plan to spend nights outside, camping gears are sometimes essential when planning for an RV camping trip.

The first gear you need is a sleeping bag; the size should be according to your preference.

Ensure you include all the sleeping bag accessories, such as tent poles. Another essential gear is the first aid kit; accidents may occur during your camping expeditions.

camping checklist for rv

Minor or major, first aid kit is necessary to offer crucial and immediate aids such as stopping bleeding, covering a wound, and disinfecting an injury from an infectious bite or cut.

New RVers are always prone to accidents due to lack of experience in the camping process, so first aid kit is essential for them.

Do you know how to use first aid kit? This video will provide a perfect illustration on

To fasten recovery and to cure, you need to pack medicine such as anti-biotic and painkillers, among other drugs.

Remember to include sport lights of flashlights or headlamps.

Camping is not only an activity for the day, but the night to has a lot of excitement to offer. Having a light will keep you safe in the dark.

Another lifesaving item is the portable charger and a power bank. RVers need to stay in touch with friends, take selfies, group photos, use google maps, and other phone-related services.

Failure to carry your charger could mean many frustrations when your phone goes off.

Other essential camping checklists for RV equipment includes:

  • Maps
  • Ropes
  • Pocketknife
  • Fishing gear
  • Compass
  • Toolbox

Kitchen Equipment

Going on an RV camping expedition will mean that you carry uncooked food and not junks. Hunting and fishing are essential parts of the RV trip so before anything, pack your fishing line and get some baits.

We hope you know how to fish if you do not, this is your appropriate time to try it out. After hunting or fishing, you will need utensils to prepare your meals

RVers need essential utensils such as dishes, pots, pans, knives, folks, and spoon to enjoy camping.

Remember to bring along your can opener; it will be essential to open all the canned food you carried for your trip.

After using the utensils, you will need to clean and store them in your camping cabin, so remember the soaps, towels, or any cleaning detergent you prefer, but I would recommend soap since it does not need much space.

Take advantage of the kitchen space you have in your camping vehicle and pack essential kitchen appliances ranging from food, utensils, dryers, and cleaners.

We strongly recommend that you include your favorite meals and drinks in the storage space.

Packing your favorite meal will help guide you on the kitchen items to pack.

Ensure you have sufficient items because of camping, you have no neighbors and support; you are out alone or with family.

small RV kitchen
Small RV Kitchen

Other kitchen items to include for your trip are plastic wrap, garbage bag, tongs, cutting board, disinfecting wipes, camping skillet, etc

Outdoor camping equipment

A camping adventure is nicer when your family and friends accompany you. Your entire RV camp will not be about moving in and out of your cabin.

If your friends or family accompanies you, you need a set of outdoor equipment.

This equipment should include playing equipment such as skipping ropes puzzle board, playing cards, and Frisbee.

There are very many camping games and each requires specific items, such as hide and seek. Camping is more fun when accompanied by outdoor games.

You can find some of the most outside popular games here.

What else would make outdoor camping complete if not an evening or night campfire?

You need to carry camping fire items. The camping fire is not only for providing warmth during an outdoor event, but it is also necessary for preparing meals.

For the outdoor group fun, it will be the perfect time to roast a chicken or some hunted meat and enjoy the meals together.

You can make a campfire using wood or without wood, therefore you need to pack these items, fire starters, or a lighter, flame resistant glove and cooking implements that is if you do not have a cooker in your camping vehicle.

Food and water

How much food should you carry for your adventure?

I remember when was a newbie in RV Trip, I packed less food than I had intended guess what the outcome was?

I actually spent more day hungry until I cut short my adventure. To avoid such mistakes, I came up with a packing guide for my foodstuffs.

First, include a list of your favorite meals so that you do not miss them while you are out in the wild.

Remember not to include too many junk and perishable meals. Next, think of the grocery you will need while out in the wild so that you pack a proportional ratio of foodstuff and include greens and fruits in the mix.

Next, think of what food would be essential for a trip. These foods should be easy to prepare, such as eggs, canned beans, and others.

Your choice of meals will help you decide on the extra food storage facility to include, such as a cooler or a mini-refrigerator.

Another thing to consider is to ensure you balance between the meals, do not carry and excess of one foodstuff that will make you run out of space to store other meals.

Try to include dry meals in your package.

You never want to be trapped in the wild without safe drinking water that is why I would advise that you carry drinking water, store it in the cooler or a big water bottle packed in the corner of your camping vehicle.

You can cook using water from a nearby stream.

To avoid water or food poisoning carry water filters and treatment items. You can get water for flushing the toilets and showering from the stream around, but remember always to filter and treat before use.


You need a series of personal items for your trip, ranging from clothing, medicine, entertainment, and toiletries.

The following are some of the essential clothing you need to bring along, jackets for the cold nights, hats to prevent you from the sun rays, boots for easy movement and to protect you from bites, stings and sharp objects, rain gear, socks, shirts, sheets and blankets among others.

Sometimes you may need to relax in your vehicle after a long day of hiking. To help you relax and get away from the hiking related stress, you need entertainment equipment such as your phone, laptop, earphones, and even a radio.

Other personal items to include are your shampoo, lotion, brush, deodorant, sunglasses watch, etc.

To summarize your list, you need a camera to ensure you take a picture of all the defining moments in your

It is essential to develop a checklist for the items we have listed above, and when you are done packing, we would advise that you check if all the items ranging from camping its kitchen items to personal items are packed.

Packing is essential for your trip, and so is finding a suitable RV for your family.

We are experts at planning RVs, contact us today, and we will ensure your trip is worth remembering.