Outdoor Activities in School
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Outdoor Activities in School

Summer is just around the corners; why not pair some learning with outdoor fun and thrill, so that students do even know that they are learning. 

Outdoor activities in school can be a vital part of summer, mainly fight the summer slide. Study shows that many students are backtracking when they read, do their math as well as physical activities during summertime.

Therefore, help your students out and refresh school concepts with a modern twist. 

There are lots of outdoor activities that kids can do in school.

To inspire a love of learning, from going to zoos, museums, as well as planetariums to let them join in educational summer camp.

Here are some of the best outdoor activities for the school that students will find exciting as well as thrilling. 

kid Outdoor Activities in School


Plant a veggie garden in the school’s backyard. Not just it allows all the students to get active together; this is also regarded as a moderate physical activity that provides a remarkable educational opportunity.

A 2014 study, posted on the National Institutes of Health website shows that gardening helps students get a vitamin that is ideal for bones and immune systems.

To choose the best vegetables to plant, allow the students to research which vegetables are ideal for the place and specific season.

Green beans, tomatoes are generally kid-friendly and reliable options. When they start planting, teachers can talk about the significance of water, sunlight as well as essential nutrients for the plan.

And also, discuss photosynthesis if the students are already mature to comprehend the ideas or concepts.

When choosing the seeds to plant, please talk about the benefits of each vegetable to our wellbeing. 

Water Painting 

With the use of outdoor chalk, you can write words or big letters on the footway, and the students trace over them with water and a paintbrush.

It is a remarkable way of practicing handwriting, letter coordination, as well as hand-eye coordination.

The fact that sun rays dry the water fast, any errors will come out, and students can practice time and again.  

Berry Picking 

July is the season for blueberry and strawberry picking, so consider berry picking as an outdoor activity in school.

Here, you can discuss planting as well as the perks related to eating fresh and organic fruits. You can explain that strawberries and blueberries are rich in Vitamin C. 

kid Berry Picking

An essential vitamin our needs to help combat free radicals and germs.

These fruits have many essential minerals that help our bodies function as well as grow properly. Allow the students to pick some healthy and delicious berry recipes.

They would want to give a try and then make them. Here, students can practice or enhance their measuring skills. 

Nature Color Hunt 

Begin by utilizing colorful outdoor chalk and then draw medium size squares with every color.

Encourage the students to run around in the yard to look for five and ten things like every shade. And put them inside the squares. 

You can set a time for an additional challenge.

After collecting leaves, flowers, rocks, bugs, sticks, and many others, you can talk about what they have discovered.

You can discuss which shade they found the most stuff of, if specific shades were difficult to find, which shade is their preferred the most.

Take the chance to introduce shades like bold, dark, light, pale, warm, and many others.

For an additional activity, tell them to create a colorful collage with the whole thing they have discovered. 

Math Game: Number Line Run 

Draw a line of numbers with outdoor chalk on the sidewalk, and don’t forget to leave at least one foot between numbers.

For younger students, allow them to walk in the line of numbers as they count off. Practice number recognition by yelling out numbers if they get exhausted, and have the students run to the specific number on the line.

It depends on ages; you can practice subtraction, addition or multiplication, and even division with the use of the number line. 


This is the most popular and common outdoor activity in school.

Outdoor exercise can always be found in schools. A lot of students enjoy playing basketball with their classmates and friends as well.

This sports activity can assist in improving their endurance as well as strength. What is more, it can also enhance their coordination, muscle strength, camaraderie, sportsmanship as well as patience.

You can divide the students into 4 teams and do the round-robin game. The team with lots of winning will declare the champion.

Don’t forget to give a reward or prize to make the game most exciting as well as thrilling. 


Swimming is an excellent outdoor activity for schools that can help students build muscle and improve coordination.

Also, it can boost their breathing pattern as well as gas exchange in their lungs.

Swimming can also increase their endurance as well as stamina. We can teach students with different swimming strokes available to make this activity exciting and more fun. 

The Learning with Nature: A How-to Guide to Inspiring Children through Outdoor Games & Activities by Circle of Life Rediscovery

This YouTube channel is ideal for students aged 3 to 16. 

Wherein kids can help develop social and practical skills, awareness in the world, respect the natural world at the same time taking pleasure in the great outdoors. 

There are many outdoor activities in schools that students can do.

Almost all of them can enhance you boost yourself for the better. Teach students to have extra care since they are playing outdoors and are more susceptible to accidents.

Learn how to be cautious all the time so that you will take pleasure in these activities fully without experiencing injuries.

Outdoor activities in school are not just fun, but also exciting and very educational.

We should teach our students the importance of these activities in their living and allow them to take pleasure in each activity that they do.